The London terror attack 22.03.2017

Yesterday’s terror attack was sickening. Another example of one crazy bastard working in the name of ‘Allah’ or Islam to cause chaos and divide.

One question that comes to my mind is what are the government actually doing about it to protect us?. Another five people dead here (may they rest in peace), the London bombings and the lunatic that stabbed that nice soldier a few years back in the middle of the street. I won’t even get started on the amount of hate preachers out there operating.

The sickening thing about most of these terrorist attacks is nearly all of the people implemented in them are on so called ‘watch lists’. There is a common theme here. Why are laws not tougher and why have so many nut jobs simply been ‘observed’ only then to go on and do some crazy shit?. Would it not be prudent to lock these sick fucks up or deport the fucks before they do some real harm to somebody?

It seems to me the government are spineless as usual hiding behind human rights or citing that it’s ‘complicated’. It’s not complicated to me…..If somebody has been seen to be researching shit like making bombs, killing people, hate preaching or been looking at websites relating to religious radicalisation then it’s at that point the police and government need to step in and dish out harsh prison sentences and start deportation proceedings.

Not only are these type of terrorists giving Islam (which is in fact a peaceful religion) a bad name they’re also creating a divide in the country between religious groups of which 99.9% of are harmless people who are contributors to our society and system here in Britain.


White Underwear?


I’ve never understood white underwear. You see all the adverts on TV and the guy on the front of underwear packets wearing a nice crisp pair of white boxers or pants. They should show a rear view of him with brown streaks on the pants too in order to portray the complete picture of what you’re about to get yourself into.

Thinking aloud here but why in the fuck would any man want to wear WHITE underwear. I can apply this to the context of the gym here but even for everyday life I can’t think of damn thing more dangerous than white underwear.

Should I accidently shit myself or rip one of those farts out that leaves a skid the last thing I want to do is advertise this by wearing white underwear. There is no hiding it. You’re getting changed in the locker room, or you’ve finished PE at school, or you imagine any endeavour in your life where you need to publicly take your trousers off and there is that nightmare moment when you’re parading around in your underwear and its blatantly apparent you’ve shit yourself or have skids. That’s not going to be a good thing for any man.

Now the gym. You may know the feeling and straining for that last rep on squats or deadlifts. The risk of following through or a wet fart is far too high here to run the risk of white underwear, so I advise against wearing white underwear especially in the gym or doing some sort of sport.

My advice to anyone is to not bother with white underwear, it just isn’t worth the risk!